Semi-Prepared Yufka Bread

In this company, the production of Yufka is done by using the most up-to-date production technology and also the use of high quality raw materials in accordance with TDS compiled and in accordance with the latest national standard and also using exclusive and specialized formulations, in different weights and shapes. During this process, due to the observance of all relevant health protocols, as well as the use of UV sterilized containers and the use of thermoforming device for vacuum and product packaging and the use of raw materials with the best quality, products without preservatives and nutritious and delicate And competitive with well-known manufacturers, produced abroad. Yufka, which is a thin semi-finished bread, is a good option for preparing healthy food at the family table.

Round Yufka Bread

420 g

Triangular Yufka Bread

420 g

Samosa Yufka

650 g

Rectangular Yufka Bread

650 g

piroshki dough

9595 Company is the first producer of piroshki dough in 2005 in Iran. Dumpling is the name chosen for cooked or fried foods that are filled with various ingredients, and this word is actually a Slavic word that is one of the most delicious and popular foods. Dumpling dough 9595 in the flavors of pepper – ketchup – saffron And it is simple to market that in the formulation of all these pastes, natural powder flavors that are sterilized by gamma rays are used.

Premium piroshki dough

15 pieces

Saffron piroshki dough

15 pieces

Pepper piroshki dough

15 pieces

Ketchup piroshki dough

15 pieces

Semi-Prepared Pizza Bread

9595 Company is the first holder of the standard semi-prepared pizza bread and the compiler of the relevant standard and the holder of the sample unit of the quality of production of this product for several years, using high quality raw materials and exclusive formulations and optimizing quality such as disinfection of dishes with radiation. UV and sterilization of spices and flavorings using gamma rays, has produced high quality products to save pizza production time for home and fast food.

Pizza Bread

4 pieces

pizza cheese

9595 company with specialized production of pizza cheeses (Mozzarella – Diet (no fat) – Special – Kraft (Protein Plus) – Cheddar – Process 2 kg – Process 180/500 g – Export) has been able in a short time, the main shareholder of the pizza cheese market Is the country. Each of these products has an exclusive formulation that is produced in a specific engineering unit and using automatic equipment and modern technology, in accordance with codified CPs, the production of this product is done with uniform quality.

Special pizza cheese

1000 g

craft pizza cheese

1000 g

Cheddar Pizza Cheese

1000 g

Sheet processed cheese

180 g

Grated processed pizza cheese

180-2000 g

Mozzarella Pizza Cheese

1000-2000 g

Diet pizza cheese

1000 g