Diet pizza cheese

Diet pizza cheese

9595’s lean pizza cheese (healthy / diet) is a pragmatic food. In fact, functional foods are foods similar to conventional foods, but when consumed as part of the diet, they show physiological benefits and in addition Basic nutritional properties are also effective in reducing the risk of severe and chronic diseases. The advantage of the present production is that no vegetable and animal fats are used in its formulation. It is green. Therefore, consumption of this cheese is not only not harmful to health, but can also be considered as a useful food due to the available elements and appropriate calories. 9595 holds the patent certificate in the formulation of this product in the world.

Do you know what is included in 9595 useful cheese?
Do not use preservatives
Do not use animal and vegetable fats
Use sodium-free salt
Do not use trans fatty acids
Reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed
Supply of vitamin D3 in the body
Supply of calcium in the body
Being in the group of useful foods
9595's beneficial Pizza Cheese is marketed in a 1 kg package.
One-half cup of raw cheese (55 g)

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