Special pizza cheese

Special pizza cheese

 9595’s Special Pizza Cheese is a type of mozzarella cheese that is in the category of useful pizza cheeses with sea salt and special condiments and the use of pure cream and fortification with calcium and vitamin D3.

9595's pizza Cheese Ingredients
Primary cheese (made from pasteurized milk and rennet and calcium chloride) / pasteurized cream / pasteurized butter / modified starch / emulsifier / flavoring / salt / casein/ vegetable protein / gum protein
General Features of 9595 Pizza Cheeses
Having an exclusive formulation
produced by using automatic equipment and modern technology
Monitoring and controlling quality, using laboratory data during the production process
The production process of the cooking hall is such that the output product is free of any thermophilic and mesophilic microorganisms.
The input raw materials and formulation are considered in such a way that the output product is much higher than the standard range
Ability to track each baking separately, from production to consumption
9595 Special pizza cheese is marketed in a 1 kg package.
One-half cup of raw cheese (55 g)

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