Spoilt Bananas No More! This Ingenious Hack Will Make Them Last Longer

  • Bananas are a great fruit to consume for a range of health benefits
  • Sometimes they can get overripe which makes them inedible
  • Here is an easy way to prevent them from getting spoilt

Fruits are one of the key components of a healthy diet. The nutrition provided by a single serving of fruit is crucial to overall health and well-being. Apples, bananas, papaya and so much more – all these fruits are recommended to be had at least once every day for a healthy body. However, stocking up on these fruits in advance may prove to be counterproductive. It is a common occurrence to see fruits, especially bananas, getting spoilt and thus unfit for consumption. Did you know there is a way to preserve the banana fruit and make it last longer? Yes, you heard us right. This simple technique will make sure that bananas don’t end up getting rotten.

First of all, take a roll of plastic wrap and a pair of scissors. Cut up a few small pieces of the wrap and keep aside. Now, take the bunch of bananas and separate them out into individual bananas while keeping the top stem intact. Use the plastic wrap to cover only the top part of the stem and wrap it around properly to make sure it is well-covered. That’s it!

The covering of banana stems prevents the evaporation of water from the banana fruit which makes it look and taste fresh. Bananas also give out ethylene gas which is responsible for ripening of the fruit and others around too. Thus, to prevent the release of this gas, tightly wrapping each individual banana works wonders.

So, the next time you buy a couple of bananas, try our hack and see for yourself. Trust us, you’ll be amazed by how much longer your regular bunch of bananas will last.

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